Safety meets precision

Temperature tests for prototypes

As of now, our state-of-the-art development laboratory, located on Hans-Sommer-Straße, offers you exclusive access to a precise temperature test chamber from Weiss Technik.

The chamber allows you to test individual circuit boards or complete assemblies, ensuring that your prototypes meet all qualification standards. Temperature tests are essential for products with high quality requirements. For instance, they are crucial for temperature-sensitive circuits, such as measuring circuits with temperature drift or power electronics with high power losses.

Ensured Safety by Our Expert Team

We Test, You Benefit

In order to save you the extensive effort of conducting temperature tests yourself, our in-house experts take over the precision monitoring. They make sure that your electronics function exactly as intended under the specified ambient temperatures.

The benefits of utilizing our service are clear: You receive reliable, correct and reproducible results without the substantial costs and time involved in performing such tests yourself.

Trust in our expertise to maximise the durability and performance of your products. By leveraging our services, you ensure that your electronics work reliably even under extreme conditions.

Key technical data:

  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +180 °C
  • Test chamber size: H x W x D: 500 x 490 x 610 mm (approx. 150 litres)
  • Maximum weight: Up to 75 kg
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