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Electronics Development

We offer you bespoke, one-stop hardware and software solutions. With our extensive experience in the field of electronics development, we create the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Tailor-made for you

Control electronics and industrial electronics

Do you require specialised control or industrial electronics for your product? Based on your specifications, we develop solutions customised to your individual needs. Whether it’s processors, microcontrollers or programmable logic, we create a viable concept that is based on your parameters. Thanks to our efficient development process, we can guarantee you swift availability of the required electronic components.

More power, more speed

High-speed processing electronics

With our vast experience in developing processor platforms for signal and data processing, we are a competent partner in designing and implementing high-speed processing platforms. For increased power and speed, we combine suitable processors with FPGAs and implement IP cores that boost the overall system performance.

Efficiency meets quality

Data processing electronics

From sensor data acquisition to data mining, we offer high-quality solutions for all your needs. Using programmable logic, we parallelise and significantly accelerate data processing operations.

"In the world of technology, our know-how is not just knowledge; it is our promise to go beyond the ordinary."

— Marcus Wendt, Chief Executive Officer

Strong in-house expertise

PCB design service - PCB Layout

Electronics development for high-speed data processing and transmission electronics are our special focus areas.

You are welcome to leverage our expertise for your project.

Based on your requirements or specifications, we create the circuit diagram for your component and transfer the EMC-compliant layout of the circuit board to our up-to-date, professional CAD system.

Utmost reliability

Industrial electronics PCB Layout

Our know-how of high-speed electronics also covers creating layouts for industrial electronics.

Even in systems below the gigahertz range, EMC issues can lead to malfunctions or jeopardise product certification.

Our EMC-compliant PCB design service ensures reliable and stable functionality of your electronic component.

Excellent engineering solutions

High-speed PCB Layout

Modern electronic systems increasingly employ high-speed data transfer systems with extremely high bandwidth and speed. This necessitates higher signal frequencies in the high megahertz or even in the gigahertz range.

Designing and laying out systems with transmission rates of several gigabits challenge both the development environment and the engineer. Here, meeting the regulatory EMC standards for PCB layout is crucial as is having a stable and reliable electronic product.

You can rely on us to safely implement solutions with serial high-speed buses such as PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, or 100Gbit Ethernet via QSFP28 for you.

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