FPGA Development

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of FPGA development and create FPGA IP cores according to your requirements. From component specification and project planning to implementation, we are your competent partner throughout the entire project.

Development experts

FPGA design development (IP cores)

Leveraging our extensive experience and know-how from cutting-edge high-tech projects, we are your expert partner at every stage of FPGA development. Depending on your needs, we create component descriptions, implement already formulated specifications, incorporate standards from the IEEE or other consortia, and make necessary adjustments to your products.

VHDL programming and the corresponding verification may involve individual function blocks (IP cores) or an entire design. We specialise in applications from the following areas:

• Signal processing
• Data transmission
• Data processing
• Protocol implementations
• Controls
• Standard adaptations
• Bus systems
• Algorithms

We advise you

SoC development

With the use of modern FPGAs, it is possible to implement complete systems on a single chip. All components of these systems work seamlessly together, and electromagnetic interference and signal transmission issues are eliminated through internal signal processing.

We are happy to advise you on the conceptualisation or further development of your product based on an SoC (System on Chip).

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